Control characters in PDFs

I am generating a PDF file from a web page, using the FPDF add-on.

Is there a way of embedding a bold-on command in a string variable, similar to a line-feed command.
Obviously, <b> is not recognized when ‘Writing’ a string of text to the document.

So, if /n is a line feed, is there an equivalent character for bold?

I am not aware of any character that does that. It shouldn’t be too hard to split the string where the <b> and </b> occur and to output it as three separate strings turning the bold on and off in between using the FPDF font command.

Yes, that was my last resort.
The file/form I am generating has 27 different text strings, which are displayed according to the users input.
I suppose I’ll have 45 strings now.

Equivalent character for bold may be STRONG.Try it out. May be this works.

Unfortunately, that command set is not recognized by FPDF. The “manual” for that extension set (a very poor one) makes no mention of any bold commands that may be contained in a variable. It’s nothing like the PHP ‘echo’ command.