Content resizes to window size

I’ve seen this in a few different places where the background image resizes to fit the window…I’m wondering if there is a way for this to work for the entire page of a portfolio site so the header, main image and footer always fit on the page…hope that makes sense.

Always? What if my page is only 100x180 pixels in size?

It sounds like you’re after some kind of liquid layout, which the CSS Forum specializes in.
See for example: The Perfect 3 Column Liquid Layout

The resizable background image can always be added on to such pages.

Well clearly there would need to be a minimum size. But no I don’t mean a liquid layout because what I need is for the height to fit the users window size so there is no scrolling…

The site I’m creating won’t have a background image, but that is the only way I have seen it done so far.

Scripted solutions that might be applied to this tend to be messy and unreliable.

You haven’t mentioned if you’ve checked out CSS solutions to this yet.
Does the CSS Forum have anything to say about achieving 100% height?

Not yet, for some reason I thought this was javascript function…I’ll post in the CSS forum and see what they have to suggest.

Thanks for the help Paul