Content pushed down on IE6

I hope this the right place to post this.
My webpages do not display right on IE6. They look ok in the rest of the browsers including IE7 and 8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

On IE6 the main content is pushed down. The sidebar and header stay in the right place. The footer is pushed down with the main content.

I have tried several things without success. The main content in all the pages has a small table (3 x 5) and that is what is doing it. I do not want to get rid of that element if I could avoid it. What is even more strange, is that when I restart again adding the table it looks ok. So I keep adding style and checking at every step. At one point it renders wrong again. But wen I reverse the last step it doesnt solve the problem. Then I keep going backward but the defect persists all the way until I erase completely the table again.

Any help will be greatly apprciated. This is the first time I have designed a webpage. I Did it to save money for a fundraising event but it was harder than that I was expecting :). I am running out of time, the event is coming soon. I was also surprised to see how much is IE6 still utilized in institutions. It is in every computer of two hospitals that I work in.

The web address is

I already know that probably my code is inefficient and redundant but I have to work with what I have know.

Thanks a lot

Juan Bossano