Content property?

Is it possible to add a clickable link using the content property

 content: "Some Text (a link)";

I wouldn’t have thought so because it wouldn’t generate actual markup. I assume you mean - with CSS only - generate a type of pseudo hyperlink rather than a clickable area.

I’ve always wondered if you could fool the browser by manually writing out the < and >'s as a string (content can only put out a string). I mean, the browser does convert Unicode entiities…

Thanks to both of you. :slight_smile:

You can’t. I tried it once and couldn’t get it to work…

Yes the content property generates (in your case) strings. Thus as others have said, impossible.

No problem. I forgot to add it would possibly be a security risk (or certainly abused) if it were allowed to generate such mapped Document tree values (if that’s the correct phrase), etc.

This was just something I was adding to my user stylesheet and thought of a good place I could add a link on a particular website I frequent, but alas. It’s a no go. :slight_smile:

It would indeed quite useful and I wish that it would accept more then strings. Aka HTML. Though I suppose that woiuld be a security risk because if HTML couild be inserted via CSS…I’m sure somebody could find a security hole in that.

I’m just thinking out loud right now lol :slight_smile:

heh… innerHTML…

[ot]Cheater ;). You of all people Stomme :p.

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