Content not showing up after loopedSlider in IE in Wordpress Install

I am using a WooTheme for Wordpress that has the loopedSlider script in it. Everything works fine in Firefox and Safari, etc. But in IE, no content is displayed after the slider. However, when you view source, you can see that it is there, but it is not displayed on the screen.

Any ideas? The site is Code below:

In header:

<script type="text/javascript">
 var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
	$autoStart = 0;
	$slidespeed = 600;
	$slidespeed = get_option("woo_slider_speed") * 1000;
	if ( get_option("woo_slider_auto") == "true" ) 
	   $autoStart = get_option("woo_slider_interval") * 1000;
	   $autoStart = 0;
        autoStart: <?php echo $autoStart; ?>, 
        slidespeed: <?php echo $slidespeed; ?>, 
        autoHeight: true

Code is very long, so here is the link to it. If you want me to post I will.

Nevermind, got it taken care of.