Content marketing and mobile devices

I hear that more and more people are using mobile devices to connect to the internet.

How does this affect content marketing?
Does it become less relevant?
Is it difficult to produce content that is attractive on smaller screens?
Will businesses spend less on content?


It definitely affects content marketing with the types of data that are being searched for. For example, readers may be looking for shorter form articles that are answering more specific questions.

So understanding what your customers need when they are searching for content is a big must. But I would say it makes content more relevant as eyeballs will be able to access your content more often and in more places.

Again, why should they spend less on content?

As joshmackow said, the important thing is that you understand your market, what they want and how they want to receive that information

If you deal with young people, mobile marketing should be on your list for sure. If you deal with elder people, maybe they’re not so technology savvy and it is not that important.

It’s an interesting question actually that merits some further thought.

  • On mobile, unless you’re #1 on a Google search you’re nowhere.
  • Mobile likes scrolling even less than desktop.
  • But for good rankings, nowadays it’s better to have long, thorough articles.
  • Which mobile users don’t necessarily like
  • So there’s a bit of a conflict here, which maybe why the OP raised it.

Without content Internet marketing is not possible, you can use images with alt tag for small devices like mobile. You can give short description of your content for mobile with better images.

it is very interesting post .content marketing and mobile device.without having good content in any website it is useless so,content marketing is very important and should have good description on any device or image.

Thanks everyone
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