Content for Facebook - where do you get yours?

Hi Everyone,

I work for a dental office and we are trying to get our social media off the ground. How do you guys go about finding good quality content to post on a regular basis? Are there any programs/websites out there that scour the web?

I have played around with feedly but it always returns serious/boring stuff like research and things of this nature. That stuff is fine for creating articles for blog posts but for Facebook I want the fun stuff that shows up on BuzzFeed and so forth.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much and happy 4th to my fellow Americans!

You can write your own content or simply hire content writer from out sources.
You content should be meaningful simple to understand and useful for the visitors.

I think Feedly and similar services can work. You just have to find interesting feeds to subscribe to. In general though, think about what your audience would be interested in, and give it to them. They don’t care about your office, or your Dentist(s) for the most part. They care about themselves…how to keep their teeth white, clean, cavity free. How to save money on dental costs. And mix in some funny, entertaining and educational memes and vids that in some way relate to your business.

Also, follow other big names in your niche. This is always a great way to source content ideas. And the more you read them and curate their content, the more you’ll start coming up with better ideas for your own.

I have my own blog, so I get most contents from there. If you haven’t look over other social media sites like pinterest. I also look for sites that have a list of good quotes. You can have news, events, or anything you want to share by searching for sites online. If you got to know the sites, look for their pages in facebook and follow them out. It’s easier for you to share contents from their pages. This can save a lot of time than manually browsing into their sites. But, it depends on you though.

A lot of good content can be found from what others are posting on their facebook accounts, not just what you see in new blog posts out there. Login to your facebook account and search to connect with, say, 5 dental associations, 5 family associations, 5 “local” news pages, Like their pages and then share content they post on their pages. Then connect with 5 more. You’ll always have new and fresh content to “share” from those sources.

I have write my own content for posting in social media sites like facebook, twitter, pintrest etc and from the past few days i have got good results with social media marketing try to write your own content that will helps you a lot to get more traffic… :slight_smile:

I strongly believe that you should write your content on your own. I mean you can easly hire a copywriter however i think that the content written by a specialist in the subject is much more effective.

I strongly recommend to take help of a professional writer or simply you can also do same stuffs by adding your most popular products with your own wordings. Do not go for duplicate contents. Write yourself or use a technical writer help.

What kind of this group ??? Just looking for something similar with your group and promote that . Also add something fun , hotnews on this time , … Just do what customer want , not do what you want . Your felling can be destroy your site .

Example : dental office . You can choose with " meaning of smile " " how is beautiful smile " ,… Sometime orgnazation some discuss about this

This is my idea

It will be best to write your own content and use a mix of business, industry related and ‘fun’ or social posts. As others have stated, look at some of the bigger dental pages and simply follow their lead to get started. Its a good way to generate ideas. Feedly set up with some good sources will give you a lot but for fun visual posts search for your keywords on Tumblr and Pintrest. The visual stuff will go a lot farther!


Finding a good content to post is sometime time consuming. If you are creative and a good writer then you can create a great content yourself. Otherwise my suggestion would be to look for related blogs and also can use stumble upon or You can get great content over here.

Not Only for facebook, For promoting purpose you need to use fresh content. Write Unique content

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