Contact form


A few people may have noticed I’ve not been online for a while. I’ve been away - vacation.

Anyway. I get sooo frustrated about wich contact form I should use for my clients.
I just want a simple on, as simple as possible. White text and white boxes.

I want it to be very easy to implent on the site, so please give me the most simple wich I can almost copy - paste.


There are lots out there … but it’s never quite as simple as cut and paste. :slight_smile:

Check these out:

Ah, I remember trying the first one and it didnt work.

Well, I gona give it one more time.

Speaking about copy-paste kind of process… check out 123ContactForm. It’s the simplest can be, imo. You can customize the form in a few clicks, then it renders the code and it’s actually just copy-paste to put it on your site.

Gona check that out. Thanks, not only allows you to build forms but also handle their function. (Filtering, validation, spam are all handled by Wufoo) A simple contact form is essentially free. And yes, you can embed it into your site.

Ha. thanks. Ill look into that too. :slight_smile: