Contact form that users can see other sign-ups

My client is a political candidate, she wants a sign up form where names and emails are collected, and those who sign up can see the NAMES of others who have signed up. I am not highly skilled, and would even be willing to pay a small one time fee for a program that would do this. Also, the client wants to be able to add additional names to this collection database or spreadsheet. Any ideas?

You could use a service like CampaignMonitor, which gives you a form to place on your site which collects email addresses and names to which you can send mail. You can also add other members yourself. However, letting people view who else has signed up is not possible with this … and to be honest sounds a bit dodgy to me, unless it’s made very clear that your name will be publicly listed when you sign up.

I agree, i dont like this and frankly trying to discourage this idea. I will sure look into that campaign monitor, and thanks so much!

You can’t offer to pay anyone on the site…use the market for that.

I’m not good w/ database and server-side stuff, but from my basic understanding, SQL databases would be best for that?

You could have the customary ‘thank you for signing up’ page have a link to a publicly-available database of people?


good idea, thanks!

Happy to help.