Considering buying a used Dell Latitude XP?

A new laptop PC costs around $1000 dollars, but I can’t afford that so I thought about buying a used one…
There are many really cheap ones on ebay, but what’s the catch?

Are there any cheaper models (new models) on the market? I need a tablet with a touch screen that could be connected to my PC as a screen.

I can’t afford a new tablet PC so I was thinking of buying a new one. There seems to be a plethora of cheap used models available for sale, what’s the catch?

Are there any other options for someone who needs a touch screen tablet? I would be happy with a tablet that acts as a sort of screen-extension for my PC…:sick:

There are cheaper ones out there, I found this one ( via a quick google search. Many of the bigger shops websites around the world will often allow you to filter results so you should try the websites of ones in Canada (outside of Canada would mean factoring in any customs fess/surcharges) and filter down the lists of tablets to ones that are about what sort of spec you’re looking for (screen size, disc size, memory, etc). Once you got the list narrowed down, check each one to see if they have the connector for hooking up to an external screen, the ones that do write down the manufacturer and model and set up a spreadsheet .

The first column will be for shop, each subsequent colulm being for each of the models identified. Search online for shops that sell them models, noting down the price that they charge. Once you’ve got a dozen or so shows listed You’ll need to finally choose which model tablet you’re going for then probably buy it from whichever shop listed on the spreadhsheet is selling it for the lowest price