How do i add the feature of user to user connectivity similar to all social media websites (friend request and how two users can chat with each other)?

Generally speaking, using an external app to do it. PHP could do it, but it would be rather slow communication and would hit your database quite a bit.

I’m not sure if you are looking for a third-party application to fill this void on your website, or if you are asking how you would create one yourself.

If looking to create one yourself, you need to break down the feature into more realistic parts, otherwise, you will constantly feel overwhelmed.

Example: Chatting (this is not a comprehensive list of parts)

  • Need a minimal of 2 users
  • Ability to Initiate a Chat
  • View Messages from another User
  • Send Messages to another User
  • Friend List?
  • Online Status Indicator?
  • Emoticons
  • Formatting of Chat Messages?
  • Logging/History of Chat Messages?

Then you need to take those parts and break them down again.

Example: Ability to Initiate a Chat

  • Send Request to a specific or multiple users
  • Allow request to be accepted
  • Allow request to be rejected
  • Establish communication line (ie: create a necessary table or other mechanism defining the chat – making it a real object)


What would be a good external app that would work similar to how Facebook chat works or what book I should read to make my own(last resort :I have 10 books on my reading list)

i found the perfect chat now how do i put like a feature to send friend request to other users (like user A sends a friend request to user B and user B has to accept to be friends) i would say this would be PHP based and the the friend list would be its own table on mysql as well as the friend request