Connection Lost Notification

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Why not showing different-different message in yellow box. Like : reconnecting, connected, Loading etc.

Please visit the main source page where from I take this code.

In order to establish why your version is not working, we need to see the exact code you are using. Linking to a working example does not help us determine where the problem lies with your own version.

I am using exact code which I mention in link sir…

Is in your system this code is working as I said. Means there are showing error, reconnecting, connected text? We you are offline?

If the demo is working, and your version is not, then there must be some reason for that. Perhaps it’s a simple copy & paste error. Maybe you’ve forgotten to link to a required resource, or the path name is incorrect.

Without seeing your code, we have no way of knowing where the problem lies, so you’ll need to check these things very carefully for yourself.

Could you tell me about where is exactly error coming from to I correct that.

As TechoBear says:

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I also visit the main website there only these two file available also not there mentioned how we can add text which notify us.

Did you follow the directions and add a language file?


Include the javascript, one of the themes, and one of the languages on your site. You’re done!

What does your HTML look like?

Thank you! TechnoBear
Problem has been fixed…
Thanks for your guidance…

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