Connection by web-sockets hangs on

I have a followed problem…

I develope an PHP-application that based on web-sockets. That means, I starting demon - endless PHP-process, this demon listens server socket and creates client sockets by call. In dev-mode all that comes from client with socket_read() printed out

On client I creating socket instance…

let socket = new WebSocket(url);

And then something misterious happens. In demon output I see the package from client - HTTP-method, headers, and empty body. Then should come string, that sended by onopen event on client socket.

But onopen event fires not. At all. And if I try to send something with socket.send() I get an error like: “Connection in progress”.

So as I see, application is not able to complete socket connection. And I think, the problem is - something in system configuration. Something should be free or so…

I have a Windows 10, Apache 2.4, Node32.

PS Little more details… By socket connection comes at first “Opening Handshake” and then “Closing Handshake”. Problem is that in my application “Closing Handshake” failed. And I would to know why?

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