Confussion about many domain extensions and which service is best for pickup a domain by low prices

now a days we see many kind of domain extensions. Some are paid and some are free. Generally we know .com .net and .org is the high quality domain extensions. But I find some extensions are highly price greater then .com and .net domains. As like some high price extensions is .deals .pro .store .biz etc
as like some are low rate extensions is .win .review .club .pw etc
as like some are free extensions is .ga .cf .gq etc

my main questions is actually what’s the different between many kind of extensions. Why .deals .pro .store .biz extensions high price from .com .net
what’s the search engine value for free domain extensions. I mean, did google give a page rank for a free domain or not?
which service is best for domain in low price?

I don’t think that search engines care about the few letters at the end of your domain name, they are more concerned with the actual content of your page.

Supply and demand. If businesses want these TLDs enough, they will pay for them, therefore people will charge for them.

They are at the end of the day just a collection of letters. But many of these new ones have meanings relevant to various types of site or businesses. So they are really just a way to have a domain that looks good or is catchy and easy for people to remember as well as being descriptive about the nature of their business.

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a .cf free domain can competition with a .com domain in SEO results?

Thanks for your kind information

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