Confused by MVC post

I have some questions about the MVC posts.

Comments there are closed and redirect here.

In the view, this code looks wrong:

private $model;

public function __construct($model) {
    $this->controller = $controller;
    $this->model = $model;

There is no controller variable and no controller passed in.

In the page, this code looks wrong:

if (isset($model)) {
    $m = new $model();
    $c = new $controller($model);
    $v = new $view($model);
    echo $v->output();

Should it be passing the newly created model and controller into the view?

Otherwise, looks like a very helpful article.


Yes, according to the first part of that article, which has the following line:

$view = new View($controller, $model);

Looks like author just missed to pass $controller in the second part of article.
Although, that doesn’t matter too much because the main goal of those articles is to explain the general idea of MVC.

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