Conflict between jquery somewhere

I have an image slider and fancybox running on the same page, which has resulted in only fancybox working.

When the slider was on its own all was fine, and then the addition of fancybox and its includes meant the slider stopped working.

I have got what it seems to be a conflict possibly between jQuery v1.10.1 and jQuery v1.11.1

I’m not 100% sure but that’s what it seems.
I thought I could simply just use jQuery v1.11.1 and take jQuery v1.10.1 away, but that didn’t work.

The fancybox is being used on the gallery option in the footer

On line 28 of the source code, you have some carouslide jQuery code that expects the jQuery library to already be loaded.
Currently your jQuery library is being loaded at line 361.

Either move it above the carouslide code, or move the carouslide code below where the jquery library is loaded.

It also seems that you’re not loading a library for carouslide, which is something else that you’ll need to deal with before that will work.

Morning Paul,

Good to hear from you.

I had a bit of a shuffle around this morning, and in the end placed everything to the top of the page, and the same scenario persists, where by the slider isn’t working and the fancybox does. So checked on your other issue which was library not loading, and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t there, as in all the files needed are on the server, and the error which I can now see -

TypeError: jQuery(...).CarouSlide is not a function

On line 30, and cant see what it means, which I think is what your referring to is it.

The trouble is before I added the fancybox the corousel worked fine, and that’s why I went for the conflict issue.


The files may be on your server, but I see neither jquery.CarouSlide.js nor jquery.CarouSlide.min.js referenced anywhere in the mark-up.

Yes, that’s the problem: the main Carouslide script is missing, hence the error at line 30 that .CarouSlide isn’t defined.

Sorry to waste your time Paul, have worked it out now.


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