Confessions of a...mind

Seeing as it’s programmers day, and I’ve been thinking about this crew a lot for some reason; a shout out to the Beagle Bros. crew!

Picture a wee lad hunched in front of his IIe bathed in the glow of his monochrome monitor, marvelling at his 64K (actually 128K, I had a RAM card, I was THE man, LOL) of raw memory power, pouring over yet another creation from the Beagle crew.

Now imagine what was going through his head.
“What the…
That’s not even physically possible I thought, yet I’m looking at it.
What manner of witchcraft…
These guys obviously made a pact with the devil, only the devil could do the impossible…in like 30Kb of BASIC no less.
And these guys are so damn cool. So geeky. So cool.
Victorian era, python-esque marketing aids - uber, uber cutting edge work.
My brain is melting”

Hackers - to reluctant mainstreamers; pure genius, completely irreverent, and life changing. When someone starts up the CoolGeeks HOF, this crew is my first nominee!

I used to eat paste in 1st grade.
Now and then.
I confess.

Too much airplane glue? :wink:

I think it was the Jiffy markers that came before I upgraded to glue!