Concerning Link Farm

I currently have a total of 4 sites that are about fine art. They all have great content on them. My question is if I link all of them together would that be a problem? Would that be considered as link farm?

No, that is not a link farm, so don’t worry.

A link farm is a site with thousands of links, that accepts pretty much any link.

You are linking relevant sites with each other, and that is perfectly ok.

It may be seen as a spam link, be careful. ^___^

Can you explain your methodology? Linking to useful and relevant content would not be considered spam. Search Engines consider relevant links a vote promoting the linked website(s). I don’t see this as a problem.

Linking together would be better if your domains are hosted on different ip address.

No, this is not link farm… You can connect a limited number of websites, this is what we called cross linking, this is not spamming nor black hat.

As far as your websites are relevant to each other, it is legitimate linking.

Absolutely Correct… Many site owners does the same.

Now, I think that I get an idea about that issue. Thanks to everyone who post to my thread.