Concatenate WP Function in String

I am trying to create a div with some content at the top of my wordpress blog ONLY if the user is on the first page of posts.

This is what I have:

<?php $pagenum = $wp_query->query_vars; ?>
<?php $pagenum = $pagenum['paged']; ?>

   if($pagenum == 0) {
      echo '<div id="bio">';
      echo '<img src="' . bloginfo("template_directory") . '/img/gerry.jpg" />';
      echo '</div>';
} ?>

For some reason it is returning a link to the template directory.

The problem seems to be with the line: echo ‘<img src="’ . bloginfo(“template_directory”) . ‘/img/gerry.jpg" />’;

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

i got it! I changed it to use shorthand php and it worked.

<?php $pagenum = $wp_query->query_vars; ?>
<?php $pagenum = $pagenum['paged']; ?>
<?php if($pagenum == 0) { ?>
   <div id="bio">
      <img src="<?php bloginfo("template_directory"); ?>/img/gerry.jpg" />
<?php } ?>