Computers can tell stories

today CNN posted a story about how computers can tell stories please read:

This is quite an interesting ‘story’ in itself, written, I assume, by a human. :slight_smile: I would really have liked to see an example of what it can do though. This is definitely something to keep an eye on! :eye:

The quote from the journalistic ethics guy makes it sound like over-glorified mad-libs.

Which of course things like sports summaries tend to be. They’re almost as mundane as interviews with sports stars.

“We’re gonna go out there and win… and be a team. …and if we’re not a team we won’t win… and I’d like to thank Jesus and my mom.”

Where you can listen really close and hear the producer saying “somebody get Jamall off the bloody mic”

Hey, it’s CNN … what can you expect?

Sounds interesting! a computer will work like a virtual robot to tell stories.

AI will soon show its real colours as extremely good.
There is a company called Narrative Science that is pioneering this technology and actually the software wrote and article for the NY Times website and it is impossible to tell the difference between it and a human writer.

Well, the advanced technology is really moving forward and it’s not impossible these days.

I am not surprised. Even phones can take an ECG! :slight_smile: Who knows what computers can do next?

I just hope this advance technology won’t cut some people off from their jobs. ahehehe… But seriously, they should be interesting to watch. They can attract more attention, which means more viewers.