Computer Turns off after 5 min?

Hi Dear Techies:)
My Computer Turns off after 5 min again and again? its driving me crazy…
Please Help:)


it may be some software complaint. pls contact a computer technician

Might be your SMPS has some problem. Try to change it.

It could be a memory problem, an overheating problem, a problem with the power supply unit.

Hi Sid,

  Check your battery maybe its busted, try shutting down your PC and remove the battery

then plug your AC adapter and see if it still works.

If its a desktop p.c try to remove the HD and back it up, then Re-format your system.

Good luck,

I think its operating system problem. So try to format your window and reinstall it.

Well dear I think that there is some problem with the battery or ups. So , it would be better to consult with the hardware engineer.

It should be an overheating problem.

Enough to check out I’d say :slight_smile:
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