Computer screen goes black(dropdown menu)


i have an another probleme with wordpress update 5.6
When i click on the menu, computer screen goes black,
Have you got a idea? It’s a javascript problem ?

Hi @dubot85, rather than following the links there’s an (empty) swipebox-overlay opening when clicking the menu… is that generally supposed to happen?

no, since wordpress update (5.6) on a website test
this is official website? it is ok (5.5) :
you can see the difference

In the 5.5 version your theme JS actually throws an error… so maybe the upgrade fixed something that was previously broken, and / or introduced new errors. I don’t see why swipebox is getting initialised here in the first place, but it likely has to do with the different jQuery versions being used; on the upgraded page you’re using version 3.5.1, and on the old one the very outdated version 1.12.4. Is there a support where you can find out which version is required for the theme?

I found this information : Technical info:

The main compatibility issue was caused by the Swipebox javascript library, which was used in older theme versions. It caused a black screen in the new WordPress version 5.6. As the library authors didn’t update the Swipebox for more than 5 years, we decided to replace Swipebox with FancyBox.

All OrionThemes widgets which are using the lightbox option will now automatically use Fancybox instead of Swipebox.

is there a development solution?
The updates of this theme cost expensive
if i install this plugin?

Well if you’re not going to receive official updates for the theme anyway, you might just try removing the swipebox bits from the theme’s fuctions.js (lines 1010 ff.):

Then search where the swipebox JS and CSS are getting included in the theme’s PHP files, and remove these bits as well.

Of course, if you’re actually using swipebox features anywhere on your page, you’ll have to look for a replacement such as including fancybox yourself instead… this is going to be problematic though if the swipebox content is also getting generated by the theme.

ok thanks but how find lines 1010, the javascript file is opened by bloc note
i don’t see any lines.
How open this files with the lines?

I don’t know bloc note but you can just search for “swipebox” and you should find the relevant code; it’s also well commented.

it’s good
Thanks for your help and advice.

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