Compressed Zip Creates Duplicate Files

Any ideas why this may be happening. When I compress a folder that contains 1 html file and some images on my Mac using Snow Leopard and send it to my client who uses Windows 7, she gets 2 html files when she uncompresses it. I’ve tried compressing the 1 html and images with placing them in a folder, and the same thing happens.

Thanks for any ideas.

Is the second in a “MAC_OSX” (sp?) folder?

The second html file appears in the uncompressed folder on a Windows 7 machine. The second html is also smaller file size from the original.

That doesn’t sound like what I was thinking of. I’ve seen some zipped files that had both Win and Mac versions so I thought that might be what was happening here.

It’s the actual HTML files that are different size? i.e. not one that is the HTML file only and the other “complete” with “referenced” files (css, js, imgs, etc)

Is the smaller one corrupt?

I assume the smaller one is corrupt but I am not the recipient of that file. My client keeps asking me to stop sending 2 html files, but I am only sending her one. The second smaller file seems to create itself when it’s uncompressed on the Windows 7 machine.

I have Win 7
Can you post a sample (test only, nothing “real”) zip attachment for me to try?

Hi bluellipse,
Can you put an example zip-file somewhere online (+ link)?
Then I can have a look what is happening on my WinXP.
BTW: It’s not the mailing program which is sending attached files 2 times? (or the receiving mail program?)

That was a cross-post. :slight_smile: