Compress the JS/CSS that is coming from other domains

So far I have achieved 79/100.

How I can compress the JS/CSS that is coming from other domains like below ?? could save 62.4KiB (72% reduction). could save 27.5KiB (77% reduction). could save 4.2KiB (74% reduction). could save 4.1KiB (66% reduction).

You can’t, since you don’t have control over those domains (I assume, or else you wouldn’t ask this question, right?)

The only thing you could do is proxy the request via your own server and minify it while proxying.
Or, if the scripts hardly ever (or never) change, download them, minify then, and then serve them yourself.

Both solutions don’t work if these are tracking files since it will most likely break the tracking.

Also files coming from another site can sometimes be cached already where your visitor has recently visited another site that uses the file. If you do anything to change how the file is referenced you will force them to redownload a file they already have and slow up the loading of your page.

then why page speed mentions to Compress it :slight_smile:

Because page speed assumes the browser that will visit your site has a completely cache, which is not very realistic. Indeed, if the scripts are commonly used on other websites (like, say, jQuery or something), leaving the setup as you currently have is advisable.