Completed my Facebook application - how can I get it on a tab?


Today was my first touch with Facebook applications, and I got a nice ajax/PHP poll working on my application canvas. It works completely, css styles, libraries, and even the vote registering + ip tracking to allow only one vote.

The dilemma now is, can’t I have the dynamic content of my application on a fan page tab? Is this not possible at all? The tab “link” target is not allowed for example a body tag, so I doubt I can have it load external scripts either. Is there some right way to do this that I am missing?

The whole poll is kind of pointless if a user has to first open the tab, then click a link to my application. It ruins the whole flow of the fan page. After all, me as an “app developer” is not the focus, but the company whose fan page I made the application for.

Hope someone got my point, wanted to keep it short. I’ll gladly elaborate if need be.

PS. Hope this choice of posting location was correct.

Sort of found one answer to my dilemma, seems like a poll is almost impossible to make? At least if any JS is involved.
It fetches data from its application servers.
It can load AJAX.
If a viewing user interacts with the tab (like submits a form, takes an action that causes an AJAX load of new content, or follows a relative URL that loads on the tab), that user’s UID is sent to the application as the fb_sig_user parameter, the profile owner’s user ID is sent as the fb_sig_profile_user parameter. The viewing user’s session key is key is sent only if the user authorized the application.
Applications cannot autoplay Flash.
Applications cannot onload JavaScript.
Applications cannot use iframes on tabs.