Complete MimeType list mapped to extensions

I made this array or by joining all the following lists + .php extension which is missing in all of them.
please contribute to this list to make it as accurate and complete as possible.
total: 1223 extensions as of 16 November 2015

I did not check if this one has an extension that is not included in my list:
as I need it as an array to compare, how can I contact Orphelie to ask it as an array?

To a moderator: How is possible to remove that preview link of gist in post above? @Mittineague

I placed a single space in front of the URL. That does the trick.

I am not sure if this kind of arrays around the net is useful at all, for example I used php’s finfo to get the mime of .xlsb, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xltm generated by excell office 2010 and see mime of all them is:
but in the array I gave the link the mime is something else and I am affraid it still be different on another office versions! so what is the purpose of this array around the net?

I think if you read (and can understand) the RFCs you will learn much

I can understand RFCs, the mime of .zip is application/x-zip, you cannot do much, I asked what might be useful these arrays in php programming for?

Any time you need to reference what they might be when using finfo_file FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE ?

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