Competition Question

I am confused about “Name that Tune”.How can I participate in this Forum competition???

Hi jacksonjosaf,

All the instructions you should need are on this page:!

There is an email address provided for making your submission. :slight_smile:

…Can all the forum members participate there?

All SitePoint members, with the exception of contest judges are eligible to enter this competition.

Thank you so much.I’ll definitely participate in this competition…

Hey, thanks TechnoBear… I’ll definitely want to participate then…

That’s great! We are looking forward to your submissions.

I hope you are not being satirical while quoting us Guido2004… People show interest and ask questions whenever something different like this takes place…Its natural. :slight_smile:

I’m not being sarcastic at all. We do look forward to your submissions. The more people participate, the more fun a competition is.

Oh thanks! I will take help from how others are participating there to enter into the competition.