Compare MySql Db Schema

Hi there,

I am looking for a tool to compare schema s of two different dbs. I want to compare them on local host - apache on my local disk , I am running mysql 5.1. I have tried downloading tools like dbdif but I have no idea how to install them because I think they need to be installed with other oracle products and on servers.

What would be ideal is if there is a tool with which I could just upload the two different .sql dump files or is that not something that is usually done? Anyway please give me your suggestions, I am a php programmer who basically knows enough to get by and I rarely have to delve deeper into mysql than simple db calls so I’m asking the experts.

I also have another question about editing a database locally. I s there a good tool to edit a mysql database locally without too much configuration hassle. All I want to do is download a dump-file from my e-commerce store. make amendments to it and then save it and upload it again.

I look forward to learning more about mysql

can’t help you with the database compare tool, sorry

the tool i use for editing a mysql database locally is heidisql

i also use it for editing remote databases


An easy way would be to dump the schema creation sql statements and then use something like diff to diff them – they are just text files.

Thanks but Its the schema I really want to compare because I have made some modifications to the e-commerce software whose database I want to compare my new schema to that of the original software so that I can write a new db creation script so that when I install it on a new server, everything will work. Any ideas?