Compare Current Iframe URL With Another URL

I am trying to make a simple website using an Iframe. I want to reach that result:
When Current Iframe URL Changes (User Navigates):
If Current URL=XXX
Redirect To YYY
Do Nothing

Can anyone help please?
Thanks a lot!

Welcome to SitePoint, @elakhalinc50. We love to help out, but we do not offer a free coding service. Perhaps you can post what code you have so far when you tried this for yourself, and explain where you got stuck.

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Actually, I am trying to find some ideas of how i can do it! I code Java & HTML and CSS and planning to learn JavaScript too, thats why i need some help here!
I would really appreciate if you help me with that please?

What you will be able to do will depend a lot on CORS restrictions. Are you the owner of the pages that are inside the iframe?

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