Common troubleshooting - I have some Bootstrap 3 Mobile App,... Questions

I have some Bootstrap 3 Mobile Android xdk/cordova App,… Questions… you have any idea how to solve these:

Sometimes when go to a div page and press back button in android device, App minimize(close), if you start it starts from Home Page.
Hide(), show() divs alternatively sometimes show div from mid or bottom Not actually from top… again using hide(), show(), is it the series of calls - re-order series of calls?
How Implement a back button appear auto (and redirects auto to prior screen(div)) when user moves between pages like jQuery Mobile…?
you have any idea how on lists work sweep down/up with tap a list item…? I used a script but sometimes work sometimes needed triple tap or more…

                   <div class="table-responsive">
                      <table class="table" style="margin:0; padding:0;">

I also have this problem… I have this code but table[Bootstrap 3] do Not go Full width in Android Tablet Landscape… do you know any solution? see attached image…

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