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I’m trying to find examples of sites which have the ability to make a comment and add multiple attachments to said comment as this site does. Does anyone have any other examples of sites that do this or have any ideas about it? Specifically, I’m looking for what might happen when there are a number of attachments - is there a scroll function or something else? - and whether or not there should be thumbnail images of the attachments. I’m also interested in what a number of comments with attachments may look like stacked on top of one another. Any good examples will be much appreciated.

Looks like you are looking for forum software functionality. Just google that phrase and see if any of those links give you what you need. If my response was off, please give us more information.

I was thinking more along the lines of a comment that would go along with a project rather than a discussion that more comments would be added to. Each comment would be separate from the others. My main interest is in how multiple attachments should display on each comment - if there is a large number of files attached, should the list scroll - I’d really like to avoid this, should the file names or thumbnails be shown etc?

Although I am still unsure about exactly what you’re asking, I think I might be beginning to understand.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You are not so much interested in how to present the user input, but more about how to display the files a user uploads.

If so, to me there are two different types of “attachments”

files that are uploaded and linked to.
files that are uploaded and embedded into a post (“comment”).

Without doing more than simple coding, some file types by their nature are better suited to be simple links. eg.

my-text-file.txt 0Kb 0Kb
my-pdf-file.pdf 0Kb

Uploading image files and displaying them (or generated thumbnails of them) on the other hand is very common.

If you allow the uploading of many images there will need to be scroll somewhere. eg. page scroll vs. iframe scroll.

I think for desktop mouse users it doesn’t make much difference.

But for narrow mobile view-ports I have seen problems with “iframe scroll” (eg. google map) taking over the scroll and interfering with the ability to “get out of” the iframe once it gets focus.

Thanks. Yes, you’re kind of onto it.
I’ve attached an image of the sort of thing I’m thinking of. But probably without the ability to hide/show files as the comment/attachment box will remain the same size.
I’m just trying to think of the best way to display this information. What will look good, won’t have anything unnecessary and will still make sense to the most novice user.

What is wrong with the way it displays now? The headings and sub-heads separate content well, as do the gray boxes. Blue text makes links clear. “Show All” tells me that there is more to the list for that section. This is all good UI.

I can see in a responsive site the text wrapping in the boxes. That would be ideal.

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There’s nothing wrong with it. I was just looking into alternatives in terms of display.

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