Comment forms, which is best

Debating which is the best comment form to attach to a page for feedback.

Are these usually php/mysql database?

I do wish to monitor the posts. I notice it’s getting more popular for some sites not to, to keep them closer to real time. But my site has a lag anyway.
Also, the $ sign will be entered by users with the topic(s) covering money and I’m trying to think of the best way to handle this, without manually inserting them, because isn’t the dollar sign character part of a mysql injection entry?

Have noticed signup’s are not really that popular with comments forms.

Given the above, are most sites triggering emails/csv for upload or posting directly to databases?

All but facebook can post in multiple places if you wish. They are hosted on their servers. JS-kit echo provides a service of doing some dns mumbo jumbo which will allow google to think the comments belong to you and your site rather than the 3rd party. Disqus has this also if your using wordpress. Plain-Jane website no.

Thanks Eric,

With these 3rd party solutions, are the comments posted on their server?

With JS-kit Echo – can the comments be posted in multiple places at once, say twitter? I’m wondering about the dupe content issue.

You familiar with ScriptsMill?

You could make it hard on yourself and use databases/etc to do it. Or make it easy with either JS-kit Echo, Disqus, or Facebook Comment box.