Comma separated titles


Is the title below a good title or will the repeat of ‘one word one comma’ pattern be seen as spam in Google? I am staring the title normally on the left side.

My title Example inside the quotes:
“The world of sports - Football,Golf,Basketball,Tennis,Swimming”

What do you think?

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I agree with Stevie D. So it should be:
*relevant to the content
*not synonymous words

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Is it a must to have a gap after the comma? I saw an seo company doing well in the rankings without a gap but they had a comma after each 2 words.
In my example the comma comes after each one word and I just want to make sure that its not “spam”.

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If all the words are related to the content of the site, but are not synonyms, then you should be fine - but remember that beyond the home page, each individual page should have a title that relates to that particular page.

I would recommend having a space after the comma for legibility, and it makes your site look more professional and more credible.

Yes, create title tag based on the webpage content. Space after comma and pipe (|) both are good. Do proper optimization.

No matter. you can use comma related titles but have a gap after the comma like eg sport, shoes, bag, sun glasses etc. Do a proper on page optimization and dont worry about commas or || etc

Using comma separation is a way to look spammy, and I would write natural but full-of-keywords TITLE tags for my website.

I think it is not good. Comma separated titles are not looking nice. I think you can use title like this:

The world of sports - Football | Golf | Basketball |Tennis | Swimming