Coming soon page

Ok so we all have the client who wants the coming soon page up ASAP or a splash page but even when I try to explain that this is bad(More so involving a splash page) for SEO since there is not much content and the index.html page won’t show as high in SEO.

My main issue is how to give content to the markup with the little markup you have and this is a a way I went about and I just wanted to know if I was correct in doing so or what other ways I can do to improve.

Also, Lets say you nest an h4 in an “a” element and would like to use image replacement on the h4. Would you position the “a” element and give it the same dimensions as the image in the h4? or would you position the h3 and give the h4 the dimensions instead of the “a” element.

Here is markup I used.

<div id="container"> 
    <div id="main_content"> 
      <h1 id="logo">Drive and Ambition</h1> 
      <h2 id="brb">Be right back</h2> 
      <a href="#" title="Shop for Drive and Ambition Now!"><h3 id="shop_now">Shop Now</h3></a> 
      <a href="#" title="Follow Drive and Ambition on Facebook"><h4 id="facebook_icon">Follow us on Facebook</h4></a> 
      <a href="#" title="Follow Drive and Ambition on Twitter"><h4 id="twitter_icon">Follow us on Twitter</h4></a> 
<div id="footer"> 
<p class="footer_text">&copy; Drive and Ambition 2011</p> 

You can’t put a heading element (or any block-level element) inside an anchor (or any inline element).

Instead, put the <a> inside the H4 and set it to display: block if you wantit to fill the whole space.

Here’s a method for image replacement: Header replacement

Ahhh I forgot about the block-level elements in inline elements.

The method you showed is dope since it doesn’t hide the text when images and css are off.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘dope’, but that’s the very idea of that method. If images are off, you want users to be able to see something. There’s no perfect method of image replacement, but the ‘holy grail’ is to allow content to be accessible no mater what conditions prevail, and this comes pretty close.

Haha by dope, I mean it’s a good method.

Ha ha, must be one of those new lingo thingies. To me, a dope just means a person like me. :smiley:

I’m a dope also :slight_smile: (means cool I think - when it used to be hot)