Combining unrelated tables


I currently have an existing property database and I have started importing property data from another website. Their information is in a totally different format (fields, comma delimited) than mine, so I have created separate tables for their data.

I now have unrelated tables for each set of properties.

The issue I came across was displaying a list of combined properties on a property search, both theirs and mine, so having looked around on google decided to carry out a select on each set of tables and then insert the results into a temporary table which I use to show the combined results. This works, but I’m wondering if there is a better way or what drawbacks this method has?

Thanks for any advice.

if you can insert the results of different SELECTs into the same temporary table, then you can use those same SELECTs in a UNION query to avoid the temp table altogether

Thanks Rudy, I’ll do that.