Colors are different on Safari v. Chrome?

I just noticed that the colors on my website are very different between Safari and Chrome. I typically use Safari, and when I opened up Chrome, the colors looked very dull. Is this normal? I thought the days of 256 colors were long gone.

They look the same to me (Windows 7 - perhaps not the best OS to be testing with Safari on, but , )

What colors do you mean? Got any screen shots?

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Safari is bright; Chrome is not.

Maybe it’s your individual browser settings?

They look the same on Mac to me—which is presumably what you are using. :confused:

Strange. Do my screenshots look the same to you? Your screenshots look like the one in Chrome, for me.

Your screenshots are a little different. Purple apposed to blue (sorta). I do think it’s your individual settings though. Mine is similar to Mitt

What settings would those be?

Please see Chromium issue #44872. This is a known issue.

Is this on a Mac? Have you changed monitors since installing Chrome?

I’ve heard of this bug, but only for Mac. Chrome stores the monitor profile upon install and uses that profile for colour rendering. When the monitor is changed and system permissions on the file storing the monitor profile prohibit changes, the colour is rendered for the previous monitor.

Potential fix, check and repair file permissions, reboot.

Yes, and no.

I use F.lux, but I disabled it and still noticed the problem.

Oh, I have used Airplay in the past.

I have noticed the problem in Chrome on Windows with a page that normally has a blue background appearing almost grey. After leaving the page and then returning to it the page then displayed the colour correctly. I suspect there is a bug in Chrome when it first displays web pages.

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