Colorbox / Thickbox class not working in datatables


I am using very basic integration of datatables but loading the data using ajax (ssp-class). The data is coming fine. I am applying colorbox / thickbox class to a specific col for eg. I have that col coming like this: <a href='sys.php' class='thickbox'>Somethign</a> its coming fine but upon clicking the thickbox / colorbox is not working and it loads the target page. Can anyone please shed some light as to why the colorbox / thickbox is not triggering ?

My code is following:

$(document).ready(function() {
		"pageLength": 50,
		"aoColumnDefs": [
				'bSortable': false, 
				'aTargets': [ 9,10,11 ] 
		"bProcessing": true,
		"serverSide": true,
			url :"ssp-products.php", // json datasource
			type: "get"  // type of method  , by default would be get

	$(".thickbox").colorbox({ width:"75%", height:"75%" });

Ajax sends this code for colorbox / thickbox link:

<center><a class='thickbox' href='../pictures/" . $d . "'><i class='fa fa-picture-o' aria-hidden='true'></i></a> <input type='radio' name='pid' value=" . $d . " /></center>

Can anyone please shed some light as to why thickbox / colorbox class is not applying where as font awesome is working fine ?

P.S thickbox / colorbox is working outside of datatables on the same page as datatables.


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