Cold Fusion Resource Thread

Ok ok ok … I know that “maybe” before my time here there might have been a post similar, but as I have 5 minutes to kill I thought I would put up some links for cold fusion’ers to get some much needed info.

Channels with the Mirc client
coldfusion - dalnet
(highly recommend, always on topic, and very helpful)
coldfusion - efnet
(also worth recommending, can stray off topic, but does have more members who frequent the channel, if thats a good thing or not,I can’t say.)
[removed #cf]
coldfusion undernet
(I’ve been there once, so I’m not sure, but it is available if needed.)
Forums (obviously) <-most of the time it’s not worth the effort, but for debugging, it’s search engine through past posts can’t be beat.

alt.comp.lang.coldfusion ( can use google interface for this)
newsreader through the MM forums.

General cold fusion sites (seems outdated but still has info) (a few code bits.) ( some more code bits) (motto’d the premire cold fusion community, alais I haven’t seen much there) ( has a few code bits, tuts, etc, though most are outdated) (cf code bits) (code bits, with a nice next-n tag in there) (as if I have to mention this :P) a q&a from ben, worth a read if you’re not settled on the mx flavor of cf.
Cold fusion tutorials (they also have forums and a kb, … though the tutorials for beginners can’t be beat.) (has a few within it) ( along with articles, sample code etc. ((though I wish there was more, seems overshadowed with the new director and contribute comming out)) .) on showcase developed with coldfusion)
ColdFusion Tags (the gallery of cf tags, … huge asset if you’re looking for tags)

ColdFusion Tags that are mainly for sale

Cold Fusion Reference points (a UDF library, should be in every cf’ers favs.) ( if you’re wanting cf + com … this is a good place to start.) ( eventually it’s s’posed to be the cflib of cfcs, hope so. the mailing list looks promising) a great list for suggested coding standards.
Methodologies cfobjects fusionscript fusebox switchbox smartobjects blackbox mvcf (cfmx based)

Cold Fusion in the email… (a weekly email, … and most of the time very useful. also has the rest in archive.) (has cftalk, and quite a few other cf mailing lists.) (has a mailing list on the topic of cfcs) (has a mailing list, … though it’s geared towards the flash + cfm side of things, )

blog based cf Sean Corfield Todd Rafferty

Misc ( If you’re running with cfmx, and haven’t installed the updater,this is the link, fixs a lot of small bugs, and will continue to do so in the future)
–THE DOCS, the phrase RTFM comes to mind,… but to be honest, there is a wealth of information in those docs, they should be explored.–

as with any language in this gendre would be a good idea to throw in for sql, … it covers the basics not bad for a free course.
And SQL is something that really needs learned :wink:

Ok …I know I’ve missed a few out there, some of the links have older code, well most have cf 5 , some go back to the 4x series but I didn’t want to single out cfmx, as of now there is only maybe 8-9 links that are evolved towards the mx side of things. new things take time. But to give it a general cold fusion reference I hope this will help, if anyone has any to add, please do, just thought it would be a nice idea.

hope it’s of some help

Very good for Vb and C has a cfm section never checked to much. Did you mention that ? Lokk at other peoples code

thanks robby, that’s a very impressive and useful list o’ links

the “tek-forum” link you gave is 404, the actual coldfusion forum on that site is Macromedia (Allaire): ColdFusion


Yes - very useful.

Ben Forta’s page is however :wink: Not - that seems to have been nabbed by a domain name squatter.

ok ok, … I’ve changed all of the screw ups, … (excuse : bad storm night before, . trees down helped with road clean up, and lets just say it went well over the 5 minute mark :stuck_out_tongue: )no worries though, . sbdi, i added planetsourcecode I knew they had vb etc, new to me on the cf code, I’ll look over that way.

Also fixed the rest, even benforta to just forta, … hell I dunno about you guys but it’s always “benforta” lol so that typo came naturally.

My thoughts were just that some of us don’t need these sites, … and to be honest I personally feel I’ve outgrown quite a few of them, which isn’t bad, just means I’ve learned all I could from them, and i hope they help everyone else that uses them. Everyone keeps saying MM should push cf this way and that way but if you look at the other ssi languages the push isn’t exactally from the company as a whole, it’s in the community. maybe it’ll add a push for a great language.

Also I didn’t want to give this link above but something I’ll ask for ya guys to check out, if you want. It does require a download and I’ve been following its progress since beta, and I love the idea.

Its a p2p software that actually does something. Its a code sharing tool, . you can upload “artifacts” which are bits of code ,… that can be shared among anyone using the client, the artifacts are searchable and viewable before downloading.

It also has built in user groups,. inwhich coldfusion has one, which carries chat, a messageboard, built in messenger for straight p2p convo. Instant answer section that is viewable as you use the client that has questions that need answered. so it’s like a forum, code base, mirc chat built into a p2p client.

I could go on, . it’s great , as far as I’m concerned, it’s free, it’s the first of it’s kind, . and it needs support. And with it’s setup it obviously depends on the users and their input, sharable code, help etc. It’s a little buggy, not as in crash the comp buggy . just can lag a little. I’ll admit to that upfront aside from that to me it working fine. give it a go, … hell the worst that can happen is it becomes a pain, and you decide to delete it, but it seems something worth supporting IMHO, it’s for a lot more languages than coldfusion, … everything from flash to cobol . I just though since it’s seems like a benifit to the cf side of things, it’s worth mentioning here.

Just some thoughts etc., Thanks for the positive remarks, and add as ya find, as I will. We’ll see where it goes.


add to “in the email”

coldfusion developers journal list…doesn’t really have much to do with the magazine.

its a good list though.

Just to top of the already impressive list, here is a short list of Coldfusion based Forum software to integrate with your CF based Websites/apps :wink: :

Of course the most popular - Fusetalk

Insta@boards - This one has lots of potential to rival Fusetalk feature by feature

QD Boards Good fast simple easy to use CF fourm

Powered Forums - another fast no frills forum

Here are 2 free CF Boards (Thanks DC)

there are others like but their status is a bit sketchy I think they went under quite a while ago - checked their boards but there seem to be no signs of life…

add to “in the email”

ColdFusion - HowTo
*** Yahoo’s No. 1 and the biggest group of ColdFusion Developers ***

The ColdFusion-HowTo group provides an email based forum where members can talk/discuss about Cold Fusion and related topics. You will find here Tutorials, Tips, What’s new etc.

Rajesh :wink:

Did I mention

*** *** Good site having regular updates.


Don’t forget ColdFusion hosting resources…

Off Topic:

Donna, nice to see you at SitePoint. I just referred someone to your main website the other day for a calendar script. (I don’t believe they found what they needed in the end, though… Yours seem to be fairly specialized.)

I didn’t see this one listed: - They’ve got tons of tutorials, some good, some not so great.

And a little shameless plug:

Don’t forget the Sitepoint ColdFusion Blog

Post any other blogs of interest as well. I find many CF Blogs to be quite useful.

Another good resource, its always mentioned, but not listed:

CF Wack by Forta.

I havent heard anything on the Advanced CF WACK though.

#cf - efnet
This channel is not for CF support, neither macromedia. The operator told me to try to remove that channel from the refference, cause hes having trouble with people asking for CF tags anytime.

Don’t forget [free code]

Come join The Online Coldfusion Meetup Group :

I would like to list my ColdFusion Hosting provider with whom I have been hosted for about a year now - :slight_smile:

Alternative CFML Engines (besides Adobe and Blue Dragon ([URL=]




note: competition is good; more choices make more things possible for everyone

hth ~megan

Most of the forum software links provided no longer work. Here are some up to date links to forum software written in ColdFusion:

Galleon (free and open source)
CFMBB (free and open source, based on Galleon)
FuseForum (free and open source, uses Fusebox framework)
CFForumsExpress (not free)
CF Forum (not free)

BoardFusion has been in the works since 2006 but was never released. I’m not sure if it’s still being developed or has been abandoned.

ok my must have resource is got to have it