Code Tidying App/Module

Hello all,

I’ve just finished designing and coding a site for a client - well, verison 1.0 anyway - and it’s occurred to me that, although all my php and html and css comments in the code are useful to me, especially when they want more features and I want to remind myself of what I’ve coded previously, it’s not necessary for the client to have files output with all that guff written on them, along with the fact that - if I’m honest - I wouldn’t want them (or a “friend’s kid” who “does websites”) to deconstruct the code too easily.

Short of obfuscation - with either IonCube or Zend, as I’m assuming they are the only ones out there worth using? - I can’t find any programs or addons for DW or standalone (I’m on a mac) that will strip out comment code and compress a file for me, when it’s passed through it.

I’m not sure I’ve explained what I’m after terribly well - quite stream-of-consciousness today - but any suggestions would be fab! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :smiley: