Code Stealing Problem

Hi, I need some php code to see what site(s) are using code and report back to my website is this easy to do

It depends. What exactly are you looking for? If you want to get HTML code from other sites and compare it, that’s reasonably easy. If you want to see what PHP code other sites are using, that’s pretty much impossible as the browser never sees the PHP source code, only the output.

Could you add some more detail?

Yes, I can think of only one way to be able to see PHP code without it being offered, and that way would be a very unwise illegal thing to do.

It is possible to deduce what is being used to output HTML by looking at the HTML sometimes. For example, folder names and class names that are relatively unique to a theme or plugin.

i am having issue with people stealing parts of code from my site i know it can be done as other site can tell if you use there software etc

Please supply a modified example of the stolen scripts.

As droopsnoot has previously requested, what do you mean by “parts of code”?

Do you mean “your” HTML? If so your referring to it as “software” doesn’t make sense. If you mean your server side code (PHP?) then it is improbable that anyone has stolen it unless you have made it available in some way.

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server was not fully setup and was somehow stolen as apache says it was downloaded by IP i have some php scripts i have bought and they know if we are using it as it is encoded i have no clue as to how its done if they can why cant we add some php code of the same, all i realy want is some php code to report back if its is being used on another site it cant be impossible these days

It sounds like maybe your SFTP was compromised in some way that leaked your credentials. You should change the password immediately after making sure your FTP app isn’t infected.

You should also delete everything including purging the database, and reupload known clean backups.

As far as determining if another site has certain PHP files, yours or otherwise, it can not be done by running a PHP script - unless as was previously posted it can be done by looking at the HTML it outputs.

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As stated already, ordinarily it should not be possible for others to view/access your php code.
It can happen if they somehow have FTP access to your site, by hacking your user account and downloading.
Or if php is not properly configured to run, it can display/download source code, though only if the scripts are in a publicly accessible location on the server.
To guard against this possibility, I usually keep all scripts in a folder below the public root, or a folder protected by htaccess.
Then the actual index.php that users access in the public root is nothing more than one line with require to get the driver script for the page. So at most, that one line is all anyone may see of my php, if for some reason php stopped parsing.

If your code has already been stolen, you face that same problem, as if the theif’s server is properly configured, you or anyone else will not have access to any server-side source code. All you will have to go on is the resulting html the scripts output.

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