Code Archive download

I’m getting a bit frustrated here, I’m learning to build web site. I am using “Build Your Own Website the Right Way” FIRST EDITION. I am using this book because I can’t afford the newer version. I already download the code archive but can’t find it on my computer. I am trying to redownload code archive again, but can’t find it on SitePoint website. Please tell me HOW to download these codes and where to put them so that they easily come onto the website after I put the correct markup in notepad.

I also have another problem! I am on the part of the book where I insert my first image. “a circle of divers”. I followed the instruction exactly. This is the markup I use to get the image:
<p><img src=“divers-circle.jpg” width=“200” height=“162”
alt=“A circle of divers practice their skills” /></p>

did I do anything wrong?

Hi Linda! Sorry yo are having trouble with the code. The website tends to offer only the latest code archive, which is a problem in this case. We’ll see if we can find the older code archive for you.

Regarding the image, is it not showing up? The code you have there is fine. So if the image is not appearing, it’s because of one of the following:

  • The image is not in the right location. Given your code, the image should be in the same folder as the page that code appears on (and not in any sub folder).
  • The image has the wrong name. Make sure the image is named exactly “divers-circle.jpg”, and not “Divers_circle.jpg” or something like that. They should match exactly.

Does that help?

this is my second thread this evening. I found the code archive on your website already. I downloaded it to my desktop and then put the entire files in the same folder with “My Document” folder, The one you said to use for building web sites. I don’t understand how Zip Files work or how to get the image from the Zip files. Would it be too much trouble to ask your for step-by-step instruction on how to open zip files and how to get the images I need for the web pages I am learning to build. I really don’t understand this part of web designing. So far everything in the book has been clearly explained, but not this!

Hi Linda. I merged these two threads because the topic is really the same.

Once you have downloaded a zip file, just double click on it and it will “unzip”, so to speak. That is, you will see the files and folders contained within it. Zipping a bunch of files and folders is just a convenient way to send them around as a single package. It both gathers them into a single package and “compresses” them, making the overall files size much smaller, with is handy when you are downloading etc.

So, once you have unzipped the zip file, just takes out the bits you need when you need them. For example, in the chapter 2 folder you’ll find the divers-circle.jpg image. Now you can move that image into your site folder so that your web page can find it and display it on screen.

zip (and tar, gz etc.) files are “compressed” and need to be “unzipped/uncompressed”.
There are applications that can do this, but there is a good chance you already have one.

Try right-clicking on the file and look in the context menu for something like “open with”, “uncompress” or something else similar.