CMS for rating,commenting,user points

HI i dono whether this is the right place for this question,
I’ve got an order to do a website with the following features
–>it must have articles with users able to rate and comment them, and display a menu containing different categories of articles.

–>these are written by users(may be a form is required) and must be automatically be displayed on a page of site and all articles displayed in a sorted order in sub categories of menu(like a catalog, but I’m not selling anything here)

–>articles must have two fields a question description and an answer(which may also come as a popin on clicking a link under the question).
–>based on rating of a particular article , its writer(a user) must be assigned points.

I need a an advice on which CMS and its extensions can do my work…
I’am basically a visual designer and don’t know much about programming.
please… provide me a suggestion…

You could do everything mentioned with any of the big 3, Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal.That said, if you’re weak on CMS I would look at Wordpress. It’s easy to learn and easy to support.

As for the plugins you’ll need, you should be able to find them rather easy with simple searches on