CMS and Framework

Good Day,

Im an average PHP freelance developer. I have a project that I will be doing. The project is a Job Search/Seek and it must be a sort of CMS so they can edit contents and add pages.

Any idea on what is the suitable CMS and framework to use?


Depending on what you want to do, the easiest option would probably be using a popular CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla because there are many free themes available, although I’m assuming a lot if not most of them will have some limitations in their license when it comes to using them commercially and charging a client for it… The default themes included with the install of WP or Joomla may give you more freedom though.

HI dpespune. The client provide a theme/UI they wanted. Is it easy to do that in wordpress or joomla?

Don’t know about joomla, but w/wp you can create custom pages/templates so you should be able to apply their design.
Easiest way would be to use a child theme.
In the same folder where you have the parent theme. Normally wp-content>themes. You’ll find the standard themes in their respective folders.
The newest is “twentyfourteen” or you can choose another parent theme.
Add a new folder there.
Call it whatever you want to for example “myClientsTheme” in that folder you can add the php files you want to override, And your own css. In that new css file, to declare it a child theme you want at the top

[COLOR="#B22222"]Theme Name: myClientsTheme[/COLOR]
otherinfo: whatever
otherinfo: whatever
[COLOR="#A52A2A"]Template: twentyfourteen[/COLOR]


@import url("../twentyfourteen/style.css");

or you can c&p the entire style sheet and have full control of it.
The you can create you own custom tempate.
for example copy the index.php from 2014 to your new folder or any file you will be overriding. of course you rename it whatever you want to. for example. page1.php or home.php
and at the top of that file add

[COLOR="#B22222"]//Template Name: whatever you want to name it[/COLOR]
get_header(); ?>

and change the code however you wish it.
in the wp admin you create a page. Select the new template & publish it.

There are more details, that was very very basic. But if you want to try that’ll get you started i think.

Wordpress and bootstrap for me works

Think of joomla as Drupal’s Module Advancement + Wordpress’s Extensibility (Lots of modules + themes), but the back-end can be hard to navigate if you dont read the docs.