Cloudnet360 v/s Infusionsoft which one is better?

Hello folks,

I am a judo instructor and want to create a membership based sites which will be able automate my email marketing along with integrated scheduling system. I see that there are a lot of CRM platforms available and did a research on them and finally picked Cloudnet360 and Infusionsoft. But unlike others none of them offer a trial month for free. I can understand that they probably wants to avoid prospects who are unsure of their business but that is something make people like us nervous as I don’t want to waste my time and money into something that might not work well for me.

So guys if you have got any experience with these two companies then please share it here.

Looking forward.


im using the cloudnet 360 trial now and its working great for me.good support too.

Use Cloudnet 360. They have a scheduling system that works as a billing system too, very convenient for coaches. When customers book your service, the system will automatically bill the customer.

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