Cloudflare & Litespeed blocking SES email automation


I’m using Groundhogg with Wordpress. I have caching through Litespeed’s plugin, Cloudflare (DNS records are only in my CPanel), and the server itself. All three, together and individually, block emails being sent using Groundhogg. Groundhogg is an email marketing and automation tool. Users cannot get through the basic opt-in funnel. They’ll submit the form and get the confirmation email. When they click the confirm link, they’re oddly taken to a “manage your preferences” page instead of a “you are confirmed” page. They do not receive the welcome email that delivers the lead magnet.

My host is Hostinger, which is a Cloudflare partner. You manage your DNS in Hostinger, not Cloudflare. There are no orange/gray clouds to turn on or off.

Groundhogg’s CEO mentioned turning off caching for WP’s Rest API and otherwise said it should work with Litespeed, WP, and Cloudflare just fine. What am I missing?


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