Cliff Richard

Any Cliff Richard fans here? (Must be with all of our UK’ers on board?!)

I just heard “A Little In Love” from Cliff Richard from 1981, and WOW, what a “flashback” to my younger years…

Haven’t heard that, since, well, probably 1981?!

Brought a smile to my face! :slight_smile:

(From what I understand, Cliff Richard was much more popular in the UK than here in the USA. Regardless, that was a nice song.)

<end of blabbering>


I should probably terminate your account just for mentioning that eternal spring chicken in public!
My GRANDMOTHER used to like him but he doesn’t really float my boat.
A couple of songs may raise a foot tap but he is overwhelmed by cheesyness and old birds throwing various items of underwear at him for me to list him amongst my list!

I’d say there’s a good reason for that. :smiley:

I agree with Mike in principle, but still have a soft spot for Cliff, having been a great fan of “The Young Ones”, where he quite often got the mickey taken out of him.
Oh and BTW, my gran likes him too …

Tell us how you really feel…

(BTW, I didn’t know you could become a Team Leader and be under 25…) :wink:


Too cool for the song “A Little In Love”, Ralph?!

And so what do YOU think is “good” music from the past??


I never said he was my favorite artist, or that I owned all of his music. (Of course here in the U.S., that would be hard.)

But the couple songs he did chart on the “Hot 100” here in the U.S. brings back great memories of the “soft rock” of the 1970’s and early 1980’s…

Oh and BTW, my gran likes him too …

Is there anyone over 25 in the room?? :eek:


The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, John Lennon

Ahem … RALPH … ahem.

J.S. Bach, Mozart …

Wot? :shifty: :blush: