Client wants Wordpress

My new client wants an updatable blog using wordpress. So instead of creating a website from scratch I will be using wordpress. They want the blog to always be updated with new videos and articles.

Can I use wordpress on their own domain name and server or must I use the wordpress service?

What is the latest version of wordpress?

Is wordpress hard to install?

Can I use flash in wordpress?


As stated above, there’s usually a “Powered by Wordpress” item in the footer (there’s usually something in the head of the source code like a META tag with Wordpress as the generator tool too), sometimes the version number is removed because of security reasons (you don’t want people seeing you have an exploitable old version if you have not yet upgraded), however it’s worth pointing out that as far as I’m aware, you cannot remove the Wordpress link without prior consent. Though I have to wonder Another Designer… why haven’t you looked in the source code? You’re asking a lot of beginner questions lately :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:

Usually there is a wordpress version code displayed in the source code. If not, you can check sitename.tld/wp-login.php and see if it has a login form as most of the wordpress blogs do.

Anyway…you sure do have some weird questions man.

You can go either way.

As of today, 2.9.2. But, check whenever you need to know. Wordpress also has a built-in update notifier and auto-update feature.


Although, securing wordpress takes a little bit of effort. I just posted in another thread a quick rundown of things you can do to lock down your installation of wordpress:

Usually, yes. What were you planning on doing?

You can do just about anything you want in WordPress. You want to use and a dependable hosting account. I have a reseller hosting account. But when I first started setting up WordPress sites for others I had them register their domain name and set up their hosting.

WordPress is not hard to set up. There are tons of videos showing you exactly what to do.
WordPress Expert has an automatic set up system that is really great.

WordPress is a platform, you add a theme and plugins to get it to run exactly the way you want. So yes you can use Flash, try the FLV Plugin.

yes, you can use wordpress on their own domain
i think you can use flash, but i didn’t see such occasion.
i think it’s not so hard to install wp. besides it is one of the most popolar platform, and i think it’s because of its easy navigation.

My client wants me to also update articles, photos and videos on a regular basis. If they wanted to update it I would it be difficult? I guess I would have to charge to train them.

You will find WordPress easy to update. You do not need to know code. Easy updating is the main reason I started with WordPress. I can add new articles, photos and video in just a few clicks.

Once I get a WordPress site up and decide to turn it over to the client, it is really easy to train some one to take over. I do charge for that training.

When I get a new client I will run their site for 3 months. This gives me the chance to get them ranked and traffic to their site. It also give me the chance to know if I want to keep them on as a charge them on a monthly basis. I let them know up front that I charge to either maintain the site or teach one of their employees.

WordPress is so easy to set up…but they don’t need to know that.

Another Designer, I am in a similar situation with a client, I have just been using wordpress for over a week now and LOVING IT. OMG, they did me such a favor, I am going to move all my sites to it! Just remember, when you first install it, uncheck the box that says something like search engines will pick it up. You don’t want that while you are working on the site, just remember to reactivate it when done. Also, as a newbie, I am finding the wordpress codex the best helper! Also, this thread, just posted last week helped me A LOT!

My question to people here is this…What can’t be done with wordpress? As a newbie, I am still worried that something will popup that I can’t use wordpress for.

Good luck, new doors and new streams of income/opportunity are coming your way. :slight_smile:

I use WordPress for membership sites -
I use WordPress for Ecommerce sites - ( is a beautiful example of a WordPress ecommerce site.
WordPress can be used as Adsense sites.
I use WordPress for my sales pages, squeeze pages.

Just a year ago I was begging for ways to adapt WordPress to do all of those things. Now you can. That what is so good about it being having an opens source forum.

If you’d like just start a free hosted blog on and you can get a feel for how it works and if they’ll be able to handle it.

Wordpress is really easy though so if they’re smart enough to know how to use the internet and Microsoft Word they can surely use Wordpress.

Thank you for that information. May I ask, how hard it is to setup the ecommerce and membership sites? Is there a fee for the cart?

wordpress is easy to install for all and it’s best for seo also.u can do any this flash,video’s uplode and more…

Aside from being easy to install, Wordpress also offers a lot of useful widgets that you can later use in optimizing your blog. And the available themes available online are increasing steadily.

You can use WP commerce plugin - Along with

This really easy to set up and you can use Paypal or Goolge Checkout. - Is also easy. They have a great forum and also integrate with PayPal.

Thank you, lifeline. I am going to try that out tonight.

Another Designer, Wordpress is a CMS (content management system), it basically allows you to manage whatever is placed on the website, from pages, content, media and files right to the end user comments on each post. Considering you’ve been web designing for quite a while I’m surprised you’ve never encountered or used it before. Though I would say perhaps you should visit the Wordpress website and read the documentation before you begin, because asking questions like the latest version, whether you can use flash and how hard it is to install are the type of questions a newbie would ask (due to not having checked on the providers website), and we know you’re anything but that! Search the forums and there’s lots of posts to help you with the Wordpress details. :slight_smile:

I have created tens of unique wordpress designs in the past 6 months for my clients. Some wanted a blog, so wordpress was the first thing we had in mind, but some wanted “presentation” sites that would be excellent for them to update. I have to say I keep on recommending it to my clients since it’s a very versatile script and content updating is a breeze even for the non-techy ones. So, you can use it with no fears. My clients are very pleased with it.

Smart client.

You can use/install wordpress on your customers server.

Umm…find out here

now, it’s pretty easy. If your clients hosting company has cPanel and Fantastico all its needed is few clicks, however I would recommend manual installation.

Yup you can integrate flash object in wordpress. WordPress works through templates (or rather themes) which are just the same as HTML files of a website so you can easily modify it to your needs. In addition with php conditionals you can do much more.

Hope that helps, cheers.

For future reference you should just use HostGator or something like that in the future for your clients because its great for installing and managing servers for you clients…you can put as many domain names as you want…

Wordpress is actually really great and there are lots of great themes out there. If you get a chance you should check out some of the free themes but also check out some of the paid ones out there. There are some really good Wordpress Themes for movies out there. Check out Elegant Themes, they have a great support system for Wordpress too…