Client wants a Facebook "Like" Button on ebay listing

Hello all,

Im doing some work for a client of mine - he uses full HTML templates/pages (basically a full webpage) embedded into his ebay listings. I have just finished making modifications for him, including a jQuery based gallery and other flashy widgets.

To get to the point, he wants a Facebook Style like button the template. Is this possible? If so what is the best way to add this?

I tried making one here: -

And I added the “iframe” version to the page. When I click on ‘like’, I get the error :

“The application ID specified within the “fb:app_id” meta tag is not allowed on this domain. You must setup the Connect Base Domains for your application to be a prefix of

Any idea where im going wrong? could this be happening because im working on the template offline (e.g. on my desktop)?

Any help much appreciated,


i think i saw somewhere you need to add a / at the end of the url if you get this error.

i must say though i havent got into this error.

That was exactly the problem!

Kind regards and thanks

How in the world did you get jquery into an ebay listing? (If I may hijack an old thread).

I’m interesting to add “like” button on my ebay listing, I tried many times but did not get succsess, can you help me?

thanks you!

honestly, I don’t think you can load a js framework in an ebay page… believe me, I have tried every way I can think of. I would love to be enlightened, though.

Anyway… there is a facebook “like this” button on every ebay listing anyway, afaik, so it seems that (except that it is placed in a stupid place) that functionality already exists.

I still waiting the answer from johnuk , may be he fixed it