Client side and mysql

I know php can be manipulated with some of these. But this may be a stupid question but wanted to make sure I’m clear on it.

Can Javascript, Ajax, or Javascript xml do initial pulling out of a mysql server database? Please let me know thank you.

Nope. JavaScript can only do stuff on the client. You must use a server-side scripting language like PHP to get information from a MySQL database.

You can use AJAX to pull information from an XML file though:

Isn’t that Ajax example fetching data from a database though?

Otherwise if it isn’t but looks like it really is, thanks very much I didn’t think so, but knew it was 2011 so thought maybe there were some changes I didn’t know about. Probably the same thing with prostgstre database also or however you pronounce that one also. That’s such a hard one for me to pronounce. Thanks a lot man.

The info may very well be coming from a database, but javascript can’t pull it out on its own.

AJAX makes HTTP requests and can deal with text and XML (which is a formatted text string).

JSON - javascript object notation - is javascript (array/object) as a formatted text string.

So basically the javascript needs to go to a file that returns the database info as a string - i.e. JSON or XML

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There’s JSON now huh? Gosh they just keep coming out with em don’t they. Well all that sounds pretty complicated so guess I’ll stick with PHP, But thanks for letting me know there are more ways even if more complicated. Thanks for your replying to me as well :).

Yep, HTML 4 in 1999, XHTML in 2000, and JSON in 2001. What will they come up with next?