Client Edit Site Without Ruby Knowledge

My name is Troy. I am a client for a web site that I had developed.
Currently, I’m looking for a solution to edit my web site that was delivered to me coded in the Ruby on Rails platform. I’m going to provide some information in hopes that I can find a solution to either learn how to edit this web site or a link to a tutorial to find how to understand RoR a little more to do simply modifications to the site such as add text, etc.

I’m overly familiar with HTML & PHP. I want to be able to edit text on my web site. For those reading this they will hear the novice in my text. I can and get the results I desire when I edit the .haml files via SFTP and get the site to update as I want. The problem though is if I edit files in the running instance it isn’t included in revision history. When the developer runs automatic deploy command the changes gets lost. I was advised that,
there’s no solution for that other than you learning a bit about git.

With HTML when I do client work I can provide them with a CMS or a static HTML file so they can edit text. Could someone point me in the right direction.


Troy, it sounds like you are editing the files on your web server, but not the main repository, so when you redeploy from your version controlled source, your changes are deleted.

If you are using git, you need to clone your repository make those changes, commit the changes, and then push them back to the hosted repository where they are merged into the branch used for deployment.

Github has a learning center that will walk you through the basics

I hope this helps.